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First and foremost, it would be remiss of me to only express my dissatisfaction with this company; I cannot forget to mention the traumatic and exhausting experience my mother and I had with the staff. My mother ordered some furniture from Bob's Discount Furniture, spent a pretty penny too; she ordered a bedroom set, and a sectional for downstairs.

This morning, the delivery men from Home Delivery America (which is a terrible & unimaginative name for a company),began with a terrible attitude. Nice way to start the day, correct? They started by bringing in the couch through the garage door, after 1.5 minutes of effort, they simply told my mother that they could not get the couch through the door, and that they were ready to take the couch back onto the truck. My mother encouraged them to try again, and was even willing to take the garage door off the henge's to make the job easier for them.

While I went upstairs to grab the tools for her, I heard her asking the men if they knew what they were doing when it came to setting up the furniture. What had happened was that a third delivery guy came in to help move the couch through the door, and got it through in less than one minute. My mother was concerned by the lack of effort from the two previous men, and was simply expressing her concerns. One of the delivery men got offended, and threw a frame picture against the wall that happened to be in the walk way.

My mother asked him to step out of the house, so that the other two men could continue the job without him; she didn't want the confrontation to get any bigger than it had. Since she asked the other man to step out of the house, the remaining two refused to finish the job, and one of them we're going to take the couch (that they had such are hard time with) back on the truck. The confrontation, unfortunately, escalated when my mother told him to leave her furniture..which she paid for, in the house. My mother asked to speak to their boss, and the man refused her request and told her to call Bob's furniture.

The police had to come out to moderate the dispute, and in the end, the men got away with the furniture. Now we're stuck with a piece of a sectional in our basement, with the rest of our PAID FOR furniture with those evil men in some warehouse.

The whole ordeal was a terrible experience, I understand 100% why Home Depot got rid of them; they're bad for business. Bob's furniture is a piece of *** for using that company as well; maybe that's why he's able to sell his furniture so cheap, he's using illegal immigrants to service.

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I forgot to mention that I'm going to stand here and jiggle my ball sac until you stop being a ridiculous kid and/or an immature *** of an adult. Stop it!

jiggle jiggle Stop it!

jiggle jiggle

You'd better stop, I can do this all day. jiggle jiggle

Chvalcov, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic #221842

Thanks you \"LOL\", and no, actually I\'m 17 years old and still in high school. I haven\'t even gotten to college yet, so an \"ex employee\" is way off the mark.

I have no reason to lie about anything I wrote, I saw my mother being disrespected, and I thought that people should know about the mistreat and disrespect people recieve from this company. Thats it, keep posting nasty comments if you want to, I got my point across, and I\'m done.

Chvalcov, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic #221840

You're either one of two things:

A) A ridiculous kid

B) A immature *** of an adult

The fact that you're starting an internet war over someone's comment just shows that you have no life, and too much time on your hands. The person who wrote this comment, wrote it for a purpose, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. You know what they call *** immigrant idiots like you? INTERNET GANGSTERS. Losers like you sit behind their keyboards and go back and forth with people that they wouldn't have the guts to say anything to in person. You're just degrading yourself, and proving everything that this person said in the comment to be true. You probably are a rude immigrant with a minimum wage job. You're sticking up for company that could care less about you, or anyone that has anything to do with you. Do yourself a favor, and go jump off a bridge. (:

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #221832

I think that KamJBennet was fired from this company and is using this site for revenge. I don't think the comment was written posing as KamJBennet was written by an employee, however I feel this letter was written by an ex employee.


Whine, whine, whine. B*i*t*c*h, b*i*t*c*h, b*i*t*c*h.

P*i*s*s, moan. P*i*s*s, moan. Waaaahhh!


You'll make $8 an hour when you get a $3 an hour raise. Ka-CHING!

Chvalcov, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic #221703

See, and the previous comment was written by someone who works for the company. This is how they treat their customers; that's ok though, they'll work for that crappy company making 8 dollars and hour until the day they die.


First and foremost it would be remiss of me not to mention that I'm a whiny b*i*t*c*h.

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